How To Start Using Herbs

Did you know? According to the World Health Organization, over 80% of the world's population relies on traditional herbs for their primary form of healthcare.


How do I start using herbs?
When starting any new herb, alternative medicine, natural remedy, Chinese medicine, or supplement, you will need to work up to the amount your health professional has suggested. At times, you may see that the supplement or herb needs to be taken 4 times a day. You shouldn't start off with this amount if you are new to the herb. You will want to start off with a very small amount such as one capsule, or 1/8th of a teaspoon.  Wait a full 24 hours and take one capsule again. Do this for three days. On day four, you will increase by one dose. Again, do this for three days, then once again increase by one dose. You will keep increase until you hit tolerance or recommend dosage. Tolerance is when you have taken too much and you may have loose bowels, hives, stomach issues, or a headache are a few of the clues which your body is telling you that is enough. If you have an uncomfortable reaction or a serve reaction, stop immediately, call your doctor and discuss the issue.


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