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Isatis Root

Isatis Root also known by it's Chinese name of Ban Lan Gen is available in several sizes and forms, which are listed below.

How to Use

About Isatis Root

Isatis root has been used for thousands of years as a fever-reducer and anti-viral in traditional Chinese medicine. It was especially used for clearing heat-toxicity, relieving sore throat, and cooling the blood. Today, isatis root is used as a natural antibiotic. People commonly use it for fever reduction, colds, flu, skin infections, sore throat, herpes, chicken pox, and hepatitis.

Scientific Studies on Isatis Root

Studies show that it reduces fevers by killing pathogens found in both viruses and bacteria and eliminating factors of peroxy radicals. Many scientific studies have been done that show the benefits of isatis root. An indirubin derivative found in isatis root has been found to inhibit cancer cell replication and has anti-leukemic actions (Ji et al., 1991). Additional modern research shows that isatis root has many positive effects, including:

    • antibacterial
    • anti-inflammatory
    • antiviral
    • detoxification
    • improvement of immune functions
    • anti-letospira
    • elimination of leukemia cells

Cautions:  Ban lan gen (Isatis) contains similar chemical components as asprinin.  Do not use if allergic to these componenets.

Other Names for Ban Lan Gen:
Woad Root
Isatidis Radix

Actions for Ban Lan Gen:
Clears Heat
Removes Toxicity
Cools Blood
Clears Heat from Lung
Alleviate sore throat

Ban Lan Gen is a tradtional Chinese herbal medicine which is commonly used to assist in the complications caused by season influenza.  Ban Lan Gen has a history of being used  for the prevention of respiratory tract infections (particularly respiratory viral diseases). This centuries old herb was highlighted as a classic antiviral and anti-influenza agent in the People’s Republic of China Pharmacopoeia in 1979 and 2010, respectively.  This single Chinese herb - Ban Lan Gen was one of the eight major medicines recommended by the Chinese government for the prevention and control of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS).


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