What is thrush?

Thrush is an infection of the mouth caused by yeast (also known as the candida fungus).

What causes thrush?

When the candida fungus starts to grow out of control, thrush occurs. 

What are the symptoms of thrush?

Some of the symptoms of thrush include pain while trying to swallow, bleeding when you brush your teeth or scrape the sores, and white sores on the mouth and tongue. Others report a metallic or acidic taste in the mouth. However, some people who get certain types of thrush are asymptomatic. 

Who is prone to developing thrush?

You are more prone to getting thrush if:

• You are unhealthy.
• You have HIV or AIDS.
• You are taking certain steroid inhalers.
• You are taking any drugs that weaken the immune system (ie. chemotherapy).
• You have diabetes.
• You wear dentures.
• You are taking antibiotics.

Is thrush curable?

Yes, thrush is often curable with anti-fungal drugs. To avoid getting thrush in the first place, however, make sure you are regularly brushing your teeth and using anti-microbial mouthwashes. 

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