organic-seal-small.pngUSDA Certified Organic
Organic herbs are grown and picked without any pesticides or fertilizers. Organic products must go through a certification process with the USDA in order to carry this label. The process certifies that these items are indeed made without pesticides and fertilizers through rigorous testing.

Wildcrafted herbs are are herbs that are collected not from a farm or laboratory, but out in the native area they grow. This is done with a plant can be sourced from the native growing home ethically and sustainably.

Lab-Tested herbs are herbs that have been subject to laboratory testing to ensure their quality. This means testing to ensure the herbs is the precise botanical strain of the herb, but also for safety purposes as well. Lab tested herbs are checked for heavy metals, pesticides, and microbacteria like salmonella and mold. Lab-tested herbs are herbs you can be confident in the quality and safety of. If you are ever curious about this testing, you can request a Certificate of Analysis so show what kinds of tests were run.

Herbs that labeled as Geo-Authentic are herbs that are grown in the lands they are native to. In traditional Chinese medicine, this is an important aspect as the nature of the environment an herb is grown in impacts its properties. Anytime you see this label, it means the herb was grown where herb typically comes from and was not grown outside its native home.