Tea For Nervous Tension

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Tea Effects: Sedative, Digestive Aid, Anti-anxiety

Indications For Use: Anxiety, Nervousness, Stress, Tense Muscles, Stomach Upset

Suggested Use: 1 – 4 times daily. One cup before or after meals and before bed if needed.

About Tea For Tension

The combination of lemon balm, valerian root and hops is a popular combination adopted in European herbal practice to calm anxiety and restless energy. The addition of orange blossom adds a delicious flavor and also offers a sedative effect. Peppermint adds a soothing effect that is beneficial for nervous stomachs.

Cautions: Consult a doctor before using if pregnant or nursing.

Tea for Tension, Herbs and their Benefits.  How to make a cup of tea,

Herb Benefits

Lemon Balm:  Sedative, Digestive Aid, Analgesic.

Lemon balm temporarily eases stress and anxiety, promotes restful sleep and helps with headache pain.  Lemon balm helps to ease abdominal pain and discomfort and relieve nausea.  Buy it here!

Valerian Root:  Sedative.

Valerian root helps to ease anxiety and promote restful sleep.  Buy it here!

Hops:  Sedative. 

Hops promotes calmness and supports natural sleep.

Orange Blossom:  Sedative, Digestive Aid.

Orange blossom temporarily soothes nervous tension and promotes restful sleep.  Orange Blossom also temporarily relieves intestinal gas and bloating, promotes appetite, eases stomach upset and helps with constipation.

Peppermint:  Digestive aid, Analgesic. 

Peppermint helps to ease upset stomach, gas and bloating.  Peppermint promotes muscle relaxation, supports natural sleep and helps to relieve tension headaches.  Buy it here!

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Tea for Nervous Tension helps to relieve the symptoms of stress and promote relaxation and sleep.  For those experience more issues with mood, digestion or sleep look for tea formulas focusing on those issues.