What does this product needs further processing before use mean?


"This product requires further processing prior to use." Why is this statement on the bag?

The proper way to use herbs is to process them to ensure you get the most benefit.   How you process the herb depends on the herb and form that you purchase.  You may have to make a tea, decoction, tincture, capsule or other method before use. 

Many people will call up and say, "I take a spoonful of the powder and put it in my mouth, then guzzle cold water to get it down." There are several issues with this statement. First, by using cold water, it will undermine the effectiveness of the herb. Cold water or any type of cold drink will hamper the digestion processes. Second, guzzling the water down, is not an effective way either. The herb should be brewed into a tea, and sipped when cooled enough to drink. Third, some herbs, such a fine powder, can get caught in your throat. Putting the herb powder into capsules to be swallowed is an easier method. I'm sure you've seen videos online about the cinnamon challenge where people try to eat a spoonful of cinnamon. It won't go down. They gag, cough puffs of cinnamon dust, their eyes water, and their nose won't stop dripping. This is the same thing that can happen if you just try to take a spoonful of herb powder.



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