How to use herbal extract granules

New to the world of herbs?   Confused by all the choices of how to prepare the herbs; whether it is a how to brew a cup of perfect teaherbal decotionsfolk method of tincturing, or how to make simple syrups?   Let me help you, that is what I am here for.   

First many people will ask:   Which is the strongest?    This a trick question for me, let me explain. If you are so sick that it is difficult to brew a tea three times a day, then, this is not how you should be using the herb.    If you can't wait 90-days for tincture to mature, then again this is not the right method.   As you can see there are pros and cons to each.

If you want the simplest and most effective, the herbal granules are the way to go.   Here is why.

1.Ease of use.   Add granules to a cup and pour hot water over the granules, stir. 

2.Since they are a concentrated granules you don't need to use much.

3. Cost effective

4. Herbal Granules preserve all active herbal ingredient

5.  Free from contaminants such as pesticides, heavy metals, and herbicides

6. Usually easy to digest

7. Palatable taste

8. Easy to measure correct quantities require out

9. Easy to store, doesn't take up much room in your cabinets

10.  The best reason for last you just can't mess the direction up.

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