Akebia Fruit

Review Forms and Sizes Below

Pin Yin Name

  • Ba Yue Zha

Other Names

  • Akebia trifoliata
  • Fruit of Fiverleaf

Why buy herbs in bulk form?
1.  First and Foremost Significant Savings: Economically sound. When purchasing in bulk you don't pay for fillers, or fancy packaging.
2.  Quality / Attributes: Visually assessing the superb quality of the bulk herb before the herbs or mushrooms are used.
3.  Versatility of Herbs: Chinese Traditional herbs and Western Bulk Herbs may be used in several ways, such as Teas, Poultice, Tinctures, and from the powder money saving capsules.
4.  Sharing:   When buying in bulk it is easy to share with family and friends. Giving the opportunity to try new herbs and infusion plus learn how to use them.
5.  Environmentally Conscious Benefits: Most herbs are available in resealable bags, reducing the amount which goes into the landfill.
6.  Shelf-life: When bulk tea, herbs and spices are stored properly, cut bulk herbs can be potent up to 3 years.