Our Shopping Guides are Live!

Our Shopping Guides are Live!

Our store is fully stocked with a huge number of herbs, but we've managed to wrangle a group of them into a few shopping guides. These guides are great for folks just shopping for herbs for the first time, but also long time herb enthusiasts looking for easy groupings of some of the most popular herb categories. We hope you find them useful! 

We have really helpful guides like The Money Saver Guide which groups many of our useful accessories together that will help you get the most out of every ounce of herb you buy. Don't miss out on these! We'll even sneak in some of our best Buy-Two-Deals here too!

Another unique guide we have up is the Reclaim Digestion Guide where we've placed many of our most popular items that benefit your digestive system. This is especially useful in a very food-heavy time of year like the holidays. Your tummy will appreciate your forethought!

Speaking of the holidays, more than just your tummy could use some herbal support! We've also got The Holiday Refresher Guide which is packed with herbs to boost energy and your immune system. 

We know this time of year gets to be intense and can involve a lot of running out and about so we've also collected a lot of our best portable and easy to use products under the Survival Kit Guide. Don't leave home without these!

If you'd like to cool off from all the running around and do something just for you or make gifts for your loved ones we also have a guide for that! The DIY Kit Guide is a great place to start for books about making your own soaps and other herbal goodies along with some common herbs people like to use when they're crafting. 

Lastly, our last guide is one for ready made gifts! The Last Minute Gifts Guide is great for getting a natural, herbal gift for someone or to add something unique to the office Secret Santa exchange! Take advantage of our famously quick shipping and grab something now before it's too late!

Are these guides useful or interesting to you? Use our contact page and send us an email, or for a fast response contact us on social media! Let us know what kind of guides would be useful to you in the future! We're happy to make more!

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