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Curing Pills Benefits & Information

  • Prevention: One packet of Curing Pills after a meal.
  • Upset Stomach: One packet immediately, one packet every hour for the next three hours if your stomach is feeling like it is on a rollercoaster.
    (You know you can tell when this meal isn't going to settle well in your stomach).
  • Digestive Imbalance: One packet three times a day for up to two days. 

Here are some potential benefits attributed to Kang Ning Wan:

  1. Digestive Health: Kang Ning Wan is commonly associated with promoting digestive health. It may be used to address symptoms such as bloating, gas, and indigestion.

  2. Harmonizing the Stomach and Intestines: Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that Kang Ning Wan helps to harmonize the functions of the stomach and intestines, potentially alleviating discomfort or imbalances.

  3. Diarrhea Relief: It is believed to have properties that can help manage diarrhea, possibly by regulating bowel movements.

  4. Dampness Expelling: In traditional Chinese medicine terms, Kang Ning Wan is thought to have the ability to expel dampness from the body, which is associated with certain digestive issues.

  5. Supporting the Spleen: The formula may be used to tonify and support the spleen, which is considered important in traditional Chinese medicine for proper digestion and overall well-being.

Curing Pills are a traditional Chinese herbal formula to dry dampness, regulate qi and eliminate food stagnation.  
Curing Pills support healthy digestion, benefit spleen health and temporarily relieve nausea.

Common Names:  
Curing Pills, Healthy Peaceful Pills, Digestive Relief Pills

Chinese/ Pin YIn Name:  Kang Ning Wan
Curing Pills Ingredients:  May vary by brand.  Click brand for more information.
Curing Pills Dosage:  Consult your healthcare provider or follow label directions.
Curing Pills Precautions:  Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Contains tree nuts & wheat.
The ingredient Shen Qu (Massa fermenta) is processed with wheat and may contain gluten proteins   




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