Magnolia Bark

Magnolia Bark also known as Hou Po is offered in several Forms and Sizes as noted below.


Other Names

  • Magnolia Bark
  • Saiboku-to
  • Magnolia officinalis cortex
  • Holly Bay
  • Indian Bark
  • Magnolia officinalis bark

Chemical Components of Hou Po

  • Triterpene
  • Magnolol
  • Honokiol
  • Benzylisoquinoline alkaloids-magnoflorine
  • Salicifoline
  • Kaempferol
  • Zinc

Pin Yin Name

  • Hou Po
  • Houpo

Caution / Drug Interaction

  • Do not use if pregnant or nursing
  • Do not use with Barbiturates


About Magnolia Bark

Ouch My Feet!
Feet hurt, and swelling? Make a simple docotion of Magnolia Bark.  Once cooled to desired temperature, place magnolia bark into foot basin, and add 1/2 cup epson salts.  Soak feet up to 20 minutes, but do not let water get too cool.