The Amazing Medicinal Benefits of Yarrow Flower

The Amazing Medicinal Benefits of Yarrow Flower

Yarrow Flowers are packed with wonderful benefits. How does one decide where to begin with such a pleasant plant? It's a flower that's often used as a tea by herbalists and tea-fans alike. It's just packed to the petal with lots of great uses and benefits. It's been used in traditional medicinal cultures around the world, but especially by Native Americans. It's native to regions with a temperate climate like North America and parts of Europe and Asia. It can be found growing in all sorts of places however!

Yarrow flowers actually like to grow a bit tall. They can get up to three feet high and grow on tall stems with beautiful bunches of white, yellow, and pink flowers at the top. They’re lovely in the garden and often situate well with other plants you might like to grow some. If you’re in the US, they also do well in many of the different parts of the states! But gardening can be a big task (or we don’t have the yard space for all the plants we like!) so dry yarrow flower will do you just as well at getting you all the benefits this lovely plant has!

What sorts of benefits are we talking about with yarrow flower? Quite a few actually! It's known for benefiting and supporting a natural healthy blood pressure and circulation. It's also helpful for stopping bleeding as well. This helpful flower also benefits gastrointestinal health and digestive function. It's easy to see how such a variety of medicinal benefits would put it into the category of favorites among herbalists. A flower can be more than a pretty addition to your garden after all!

A few other benefits of yarrow flower include that it benefits anxiety and promotes gum health! I think, very interestingly, it can also help soothe irritated skin. Yarrow flower is one of those herbs that can be used topically! That means using it for making a poultice and obtaining the medicinal benefits that way. We have some instructions to help get you started on making poultices and compresses if you're interested in learning more!

The most common way of using yarrow flowers is to make them into an herbal tea. Whether you have the cut flowers or powder, you can make this work! Add your cut flowers to a muslin tea bag, place the bag in your favorite cup, add hot water, and brew! For yarrow flowers, they can take anywhere between three to seven minutes to steep properly. With yarrow flowers, you'll also want to keep the cup covered while it's steeping. This helps keep in volatile oils.

If you find yourself with yarrow flower in powder form, you can use it for making tea too! You'll just need some coffee filters. You'll want to use a couple layers of filter since the powder is pretty fine and might otherwise seep through your muslin bag. So you'd place your filters inside your bag then your yarrow flower powder inside the filters! This will keep you from getting a thick "mud" of powder at the bottom of your cup, but still deliver all the benefits to your tea!

Yarrow flower is rather famous as a tea as Native Americans would use it in tea form as well! Leaves would be steeped and it would be used for stomach troubles. It would also be used topically for rashes and the like. Since it grew rather widely, that made it more available to more people to find and use for its benefits.

For a more recent recipe, yarrow flower is actually used by some people as part of a gargle. This is something you’d make if you wanted to get the medicinal benefits of an herb that has benefits specifically for the mouth and throat especially. Gargles can be made with your herb of choice and salts. They can help with pain relief and inflammation. Yarrow flower is an herb you might consider for a gargle. If you want to see more about gargles, here’s our page on them.

While yarrow flower on its own is definitely a great herb, you might consider combining it with other herbs! One herb alone can be very powerful, but in combination, some of their best benefits support one another. For yarrow flower, some people use this herb with goldenseal, ginger, peppermint, milk thistle, or cayenne. An easy way to combine herbs is with using a powdered form of the herb and sealing them into capsules.

When you buy yarrow flower from us, you can rest assured that you're not only getting real organic yarrow flowers, but a quality and safe herb. They're tested for hundreds of impurities and packed safely so the only thing you have to worry about is how you'd like to use them.You can see our pages for both forms of yarrow flower here.

Once you've got your yarrow flower, you'll want to be sure you store it safely. All herbs should be stored in dark glass sealed containers and kept in a cool dark place. Keep them away from your stove, but don't put them in your refrigerator either. They'll keep for a couple years if stored this correct way.

Yarrow flower, like any herb, should be used carefully. It is best avoided while nursing or pregnant. If used for a long time it can cause headaches so it’s best used with some moderation and not for long periods of time regularly. If you have an allergy to plants in the Asteraceae family, yarrow flower can cause those same allergies for some people as well.


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