The Emotional Side Of COVID-19

The Emotional Side Of COVID-19

Girl Feeling Sad.

The novel coronavirus COVID-19 has affected our lives in many ways. We have all had to contend with the demands  placed upon us such as social distancing, the feeling of isolation, loss of work, mandatory stay at home orders and fear of contracting the virus. These changes have caused an upheaval in our lives. Even trying to stay informed can cause confusion, stress and panic.

We have been told how to protect ourselves to decrease the possibility of contracting the virus by the CDC and other medical professionals. Following these guidelines can help reassure yourself that you are doing what you need to do to protect yourself and loved ones. However, along with the worry of the virus, many of us are dealing with other issues such as missing our friends and family, loss of income due to shutdowns, the lack of normal daily routines, finding activities to fill the days and even worries about being able to find necessary supplies as the stores are having difficulty in keeping inventory stocked. Many people feel overwhelmed dealing with all of these life changes and restrictions which can lead to stress, anxiety and depression.

Luckily there are a lot of ways you can help yourself overcome the stress, anxiety or depression you are experiencing. Try several or all of these ideas to help you improve your emotional state of mind.

Herbs: Herbs are a great way to naturally help your body function as it should. There are many herbs that offer benefits to help naturally ease anxiety, stress and depression. Below is a selection of herbs for you to explore. Try one or a combination of herbs in a tea, decoction, herbal bath, foot soak or even added into your recipes. For more ideas check out our “How To Guides

Contact a professional – If you are experiencing severe stress, anxiety or depression call your doctor, local hospital, counselor, health department, local help line or church. They can help or put you in touch with someone who can help you.

Take A Break From The News – If you are getting upset by the news stories on television, the internet, social media, and the radio take a break. Try catching up once a week or every 3 days.

Exercise – Exercise or physical activity has been shown to decrease symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression. Go for a walk, try an online exercise video, work in the yard, clean the house – anything that gets you moving.

Take Care Of Yourself – Eat regular healthy meals, avoid excessive alcohol, maintain a regular sleep schedule and pamper yourself. Try a spa day at home! (Try a combination of aromatic herbs for a soothing bath)

Use Technology – Technology and the internet can provide you with a wealth of resources and ways to connect with others. Use social media and video chatting to stay in touch with friends and family. Learn a new skill, enjoy videos, and research topics you are interested in. Your choices are unlimited!

Try The Arts – Exploring an artistic venture is a wonderful way to let go of your worries. Do something you already love to do or try something new. You can find all kinds of online instructional videos. So explore your creative interests what every they may be – music, art, crafts, writing, etc.

Schedule Time To Relax & Unwind – Try meditating, listening to calming music, breathing exercises, gentle stretching, or enjoy a cup of soothing tea.