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The Spread of Lyme Disease Continues to Increase Every Year


Lyme disease case counts in the US rose by almost 70% in 2022 due to a change in how it's reported

Lyme disease cases in the United States jumped nearly 70% in 2022



2015 Map of Lyme Disease Cases
Map Courtesy of CDC


For more data and statistic information on Lyme disease in the United states visit the Center for Disease Control. 



News Articles About Lyme Disease and Other Tick Related Illnesses

“Lyme and Reason: The Cause and Consequence of Lyme Disease."  
Learn about Lyme disease, symptoms, medical testing and treatments.

This Emmy award winning 22 minuted video hosted by Theresa Priolo discusses the causes, symptoms and effects of Lyme disease.  Learn about the personal struggles of those infected as well as research and treatment from medical professionals.  Source:, 


Promising Antibiotic Breakthrough Unveiled for Lyme Disease 



Bella Hadid Opens Up About Lyme Disease Battle


What to Know About Tick, Lyme Season Following a Mild Winter

After a mild winter in the U.S., scientists are watching to see if there will be an uptick in ticks this year



Avril Lavigne is Back with New Song Inspired by Lyme Disease Battle: 'I Thought I Was Dying' 9/19/2018

Avril Lavigne has been really open with her struggles with Lyme Disease and that fight has inspired a song about her struggle with the disease. This article talks about that struggle, the moment of inspiration for her song, and even mentions the foundation she's started to related to Lyme Disease.

With Lyme On The Rise, N.H. Governor Asks EPA To Speed Approvals For New Tick Repellents 9/07/2018

Included in this article is a piece of a podcast from public radio in New Hampshire. The state governor there has been pushing for the EPA to speed up approvals for tick repellents as studies show more and more ticks are spreading to states like NH.


Lyme Disease is Spreading Fast. Why Isn't There a Vaccine? 8/15/2018

The New York Times covers the spread of Lyme Disease and ongoing troubles with trying to get a new vaccine developed. They speak with some of the people working on a new vaccine in Europe and with Lyme Disease advocacy groups for their thoughts on Lyme and a possible Lyme vaccine. by Karen Zraick

An Army of Deer Ticks Carrying Lyme Disease is Advancing and Here's Why It Will Only Get Worse 8/6/2018

Mother Jones reporters do a deep investigation into the rise of tick borne illness, especially in Maine--looking at the disease from an environmental and political prospective. Link:


Meat Allergy Transmitted by Tick Bites is on the Rise 7/5/2018

According to researchers, people gaining a red meat allergy in response to tick bites have greatly increased in the United States. This article covers some of why scientists think this allergic response happens and why tick bites in general have been increasing. Link:


Why Isn't There A Readily Available Lyme Disease Vaccine? 6/21/2018

Immunologist Tirumalai Kamala answers a posed question about why there is no Lyme Disease vaccine and what work has been done in the recent past on finding and releasing any kind of vaccine related to Lyme. They cover a history of the vaccine LYMErix™ and why it is no longer on the market. Follow this link for all the details:


2 Year Old Girl Dies After Suspected Tick Bite - 6/6/2017
An Indiana girl died last Saturday from what doctors believe was a tick-borne illness.  Doctor's had been treating her for Rocky Spotted Mountain Fever.  She had been admitted to the hospital with a high fever that would not break, swollen hands, a brain infection and an irregular purple rash covering much of her little body.

Ticks carry can carry a variety of diseases.  Her parents urge other parents to always check their children after playing outside.  They hope their message will help other families avoid the tragedy of losing a child.  To read the article visit:

Experts Warn of Increases in tick-borne Powassan Virus – 5/2/2017
Experts are predicting a bad season for tick transmitted diseases.  With the warmer weather the tick populations are increasing across the country.  Although it is still early in the spring season we are seeing an increase in the number of illnesses from ticks.  While Lyme disease is the first illness we think of when we think of tick-borne disease, other diseases are also transmitted by ticks.  Powassan is becoming more common.  This disease if left untreated can lead to long term neurological problems.  To read more visit and to find out more about Powassan visit


Tick-Spread Lyme Disease Cases in Ohio Continue to Increase  - 5/1/2017
The Ohio Department of Health issued an alert to Ohio residents that it expects a major increase in the tick population this year that could result in an increase of Lyme Disease and other tick transmitted diseases.  The Ohio Department of Health stresses prevention of tick bites, proper removal of ticks and seeking medical care.  For more information visit: , and


Fox News Article on 3 year old child bitten by a tick.
Read this article about how a tick bite affected this child.  See the Dramatic Video of what it did to her motor skills
Posted 11:57 AM, May 22, 2017, by


Mayo Researchers Identify New Borrelia Species that Causes Lyme Disease - February 8, 2016

"Mayo Clinic researchers, in collaboration with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and health officials from Minnesota, North Dakota and Wisconsin, have discovered a new bacterial species that causes Lyme disease in people. The new species has been provisionally named Borrelia mayonii. Prior to this finding, the only species believed to cause Lyme disease in North America was Borrelia burgdorferi" (Josselyn, 2016).  For more information visit: The Mayo Clinic News Network


Pennsylvania Lyme Disease Cases Top 10,000 - November 25, 2015

"Pennsylvania continues to lead the nation in Lyme disease cases as the Commonwealth through Nov. 27 has reported more than 10,000 cases, about one-third of all cases in the US that have been reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention... Lyme disease patients required 87 percent more visits to the doctor, and 71 percent more visits to the emergency room in comparison with those without Lyme disease" (Herriman, 2015).  For more information visit: Outbreak News Today