About Tubers

Tubers have been a part of natural medicine and a dietary staple for centuries.  Some examples of a tuber are potatoes, sweet potatoes and taro.  The tubers of the Daylily have a variety of uses as a botanical remedy.

A tuber is an oblong or round swollen growth from a plant that is found underground. It contains a starchy flesh that acts as food storage for the plant.  It has buds or “eyes” on its surface where new plants can emerge.

Parts of a Tuber

Roots have a variety of different parts.  See the diagram on the left to identify what each part of the root is.

Shoot:  A new pant.Parts of a Tuber

Eye:  The bud that will grow a shoot for a new plant.

Roots:  Supply nourishment and water from the soil.








tuber display














Picture of a tuber



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